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Daniele Caruso

Daniele is an up and coming vector artist based in the UK who loves depicting your favourite beasts in a bold way. From a young age Daniele would always draw as a hobby and throughout his early education knew this was where not only his strengths lay but also where he found the most joy. He went to study illustration at the University of Plymouth which allowed him to work along side other creatives and grow and develop his own work, working over 10 hours a day to achieve a First Class Honours Degree. As you can see, no fancy story here, just simply passion and hard work. Post education, Daniele bravely jumped straight into the world of freelance after his final project at university was featured on Behance and published in articles on sites such as Abduzeedo giving him a strong start and is now working with brands on apparel, supplements, skateboards, logos, and now thanks to Case Company, Phone cases! If you like crisp, detailed line work and aggressive expressions, Daniele’s cases are the ones for you.

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