Vexx is coming at ya!

Hold on to your socks, CaseCompany is announcing a big collab this week. Let’s get in to some stats: 184k Instagram followers, 320k youtube subscribers and only 19 years old. Vince Okerman aka Vexx has been on the CaseCompany radar for months and we’re really excited to kick off this collaboration. Vexx’s style can best be described as colourful (mostly), detailed and grounded in illustration. Although he was brought up in a digital world, he’s still an analog guy. He draws and colours everything with pencils and markers and then scans his finished work to reproduce it. It’s amazing to see this level of craftsmanship in such a young designer.

Vexx may be young but he’s got his priorities straight. He’s not really interested in working with just about anyone. Although he has worked for some big name brands like Fanta and Mazda, his heart belongs to his personal work. Because CaseCompany is all about personal expression, we’ve given him some blanc canvasses and this is what he came up with. Needles to say this was the right way to go! Check out his designs below.

Vexx’s designs for CaseCompany are filled to the brim with the “doodles” he’s become well known for. There are two different designs available in three different variations.

First we’ve got the Vexx Mixtape design featuring tiki heads, sneakers, pineapples, skateboards and so much more. This overwhelming design is available in full colour, black and white. Buy it here.

The second design is Vexx City with one eyed monsters, palm trees, boomboxes and pizza as its inhabitants. Bursting with city life, this design is also available in full colour, black and white. Buy it here.